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Looking at you,
I get lost in time and space.
My body won't move,
your eyes hunted me down...
Your eyes met mine,
mysterious green met brown
and that moment I knew...
Your eyes make me melt down,
Your voice makes me shiver.
I wish you would say the words
no one else has yet dared.
Do not say we should not do this,
do not say it is wrong,
because this is love
and it is never wrong!
Please, let me reveal
the secrets you hide so well
because you are my greatest one....
:iconsolarin13:Solarin13 4 3
Nowhere to be found
When I needed you,
you were out of sight.
I dreamed about you,
but you were not real.
I am bleeding right now,
and I see your face so clear,
it's been on my lonely mind
for so long...
The pain I thought I knew,
all lost memories I treasure most,
everything leads back to you.
Back to things you've never said...
Back to things I always felt.
Memories hurt so much
and there is just silence,
As I remember you...
:iconsolarin13:Solarin13 2 0
Nobody will ever know
Another lonely day,
another lonely night..
I need to see you,
I need to hear you say
those three little words...
Yet you are not here,
I am in my bed alone
without you to keep me safe
in your strong arms.
Only my pillow knows my secret,
that I love you more than anyone
I love you in my dreams,
secretly at night.
Noone knows I dream of you...
I am here without you,my love
You are still in my lonely mind,
I think of you with every breath I take,
I dream about you every day!
:iconsolarin13:Solarin13 3 0
I wonder where does bravery come from?
Sometimes I believe that
you are not human...
Sometimes you look so cold
and again, you seem so lonely.
I will be there for you,
there to warm up your heart.
I will be there when the night is cold,
to hug you and keep you warm!
I will never let you heart become cold,
I will be the fire burning on your lips!
:iconsolarin13:Solarin13 0 0
Green Eyes
I remember that day,
It was rainy and cold
and that is when I saw him...
He looked like Greek god
Of joy,music and everything
that would infatuate me.
He is the reason why
I go to my bed,to dream and dream..
to dream of him,
to hear his angel voice,
I want to look into his eyes
and be with him forever and ever...!
When he plays, I only
stand right where I am..
Music gets to my heart
and opens it to him,
So the greeneyed man comes
to stay forever...
When I am asleep,
I am in heaven with him!
We are together and nothing else matters...
The violin plays as we are kissing.
With each sunset,he is beside me...
:iconsolarin13:Solarin13 1 0
To December From March
To December From March
His soft lips I kiss hungrily,
His gilded hair I stroke gently.
Diamonds fall down from the sky,
I know his promises are a lie,
He won't be there when night passes by.
Two part of one, two worlds apart.
That first drop of wine we took
Proved poisonous from the start.
Brightness of amethyst disappears tonight,
But I won't let him go without a fight.
:iconsolarin13:Solarin13 6 0
All around me nothing can be seen.
Inside my blood and bones, only you.
In front of my eyes, endless darkness.
Behind me, solely a bloodpool.
Graves under my feet,
Roses in my hands.
Tears in my eyes,I ask why,
Turn away from people’s lies.
:iconsolarin13:Solarin13 1 0
Made of sugar, burnt to pieces.
When will you give in to my kisses?
Again, don’t say you’ll stay here.
Don’t let them get to you.
When will you see,
No tears stop to be.
Take my hand to fly tonight.
We won’t ever have to fight.
:iconsolarin13:Solarin13 0 0
Mature content
Gender Switch :iconsolarin13:Solarin13 2 2
A Rose in the Garden
A Rose In the Garden
Since my loneliness has taken the throne,
I've become a rose with many thorns.
I know I can't stay alone in the garden,
I'd love to have a companion by my side.
My wish is to watch the sky with somebody,
Maybe I won't act as cold-hearted princess
I know every woman should be.
In reality, there is just a rose in the garden.
:iconsolarin13:Solarin13 2 0
The White Gravestone
The White Gravestone
Snow has covered the ground,
Lost souls are sharing one face,
They've all lost their grace.
On this graveyard I hear no sound.
Not far from where I stand,
A blonde girl is carrying a rose.
Her man does not walk on this land,
His body perished and turned into prose.
:iconsolarin13:Solarin13 4 2
Roses On a Gravestone
On a cold and windy night, Dana was on her way to the graveyard. The northern wind was playing with her red hair, blowing bitterly and chilling her to the marrow. She was cold despite wearing a brown leather jacket that matched her eyes. She kept staring straight ahead knowing she was almost there.
Dana opened the rustling gates of that barren, shallow place where death welcomed her with each breath. Misty fog was swirling around and rustling leaves were playfully blown around. The girl kept going further into the cemetery, a fresh chill ran anew along her spine. Everywhere she turned, silence prevailed and she could feel how near her destination was. Trees surrounded the place she stood at the moment she was able to see his grave. The moonlight casted its eerie shadow on the path that lied ahead; it seemed to beckon with a ghostly glow that no one could resist.
Dana slowly approached a white gravestone and put two roses on it, one white and one red. A male name was engraved in the tom
:iconsolarin13:Solarin13 2 0
A Rose at the Well
Break the distance between earth and sky,
Without closing our eyes, we will fly.
I'll share the joy of freedom with you,
For the first time, I'll taste the wine from you.
Just this once, we will not look back,
Share with me the boldness that I lack.
The red head's scarred body,
The curved beauty of his brunette..
Wells of love, don't close our eyes,
Let us bathe together in the next sunrise.
A red rose of yours, I'll be so wild,
Wearing something old, something new,
something borrowed and something blue.
I'm the rose you are to find.
:iconsolarin13:Solarin13 8 2


TT-Contest-The Truth by ramhay TT-Contest-The Truth :iconramhay:ramhay 596 134 Commission: The Time We Were Alive by KidCurious Commission: The Time We Were Alive :iconkidcurious:KidCurious 484 75
Don't Tell Me It's Too Late (Kaiba x Reader)
A/N: So, I got slightly bored with my other story and I decided to write a oneshot, hope you like it, enjoy and stay awesome. ;)
"What do you mean you mixed up the order? How can you make such an idiotic mistake!"
“I'm exceedingly sorry sir. I don't know how it happened."
“Well you better call back the order before we get more then we can handle!"
“Right away sir!"
“You’re immensely lucky I'm not going to fire you. If it happens again you won't be so fortunate."
Seto Kaiba slammed the phone down hard on the receiver. Why couldn't anyone get anything right! He was so frustrated, that was the third time in two weeks some knucklehead screwed up an order. If it happened again, he was definitely going to make sure someone was fired for it. He felt like he was surrounded by complete idiots, yesterday someone had messed up on a PowerPoint presentation for a company that was considering buying duel disks. They'd lost that deal. Then someone had spilled coffee on t
:iconjerffes:Jerffes 261 40
Seto Kaiba X Reader: Significant
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ WARNING! Mentions about cancer! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
You were driving down to The Kaiba Corporation to continue working for you ignorant and selfish boss Seto Kaiba. The only reason you worked with the arrogant man was that so you could afford for your brothers operation.
Your poor 11 year old brother had Leukemia but thankfully wasn't on the worst stage of it. He can be treated but only till your family had enough money for it. You volunteered having a job so that you could help save him. Your brother and you were great friends.
As you pulled up to the employee drive way you sighed heavily and whispered. "Remember what you're doing this for."
You walked into the building nodding to a few familiar employees that you were acquainted with. Then you stopped and gave a judge-mental glare to the CEO office. Boy you wanted to turn around and leave so badly.
With a heavy sigh you lifted your head up and knocked. "Mr. Kaiba it's me Miss, (L/N)."
:iconroseredflower:RoseRedFlower 191 11
Golden Night by Naschi Golden Night :iconnaschi:Naschi 9,941 583 His pride and his soul. by zelka94 His pride and his soul. :iconzelka94:zelka94 714 264 SetoKisa Week: Day 6: Longing by zelka94 SetoKisa Week: Day 6: Longing :iconzelka94:zelka94 353 160 Starfield Tutorial -G- by photoshop-tutorials Starfield Tutorial -G- :iconphotoshop-tutorials:photoshop-tutorials 836 33 How To Make A Digital Painting by Norke How To Make A Digital Painting :iconnorke:Norke 5,641 766 Eevelutions pattern by Agui-chan Eevelutions pattern :iconagui-chan:Agui-chan 125 17
For the one sight
For the one sight, for the one touch
I'll go through hell, no matter how much
Ice there will be, or fire for leagues.
All of my being is Yours, my Liege.
You have the right to pour nightmares in blood
With sharpened words that can tear apart.
You open minds like one opens one's veins,
The winner in all of Your terrible games.
You are my life, the flame in my soul,
In my loyal heart You're the first of all.
The sound of Your voice can cut like a blade.
One touch of Your hand costs all pain it made.
For the one sight, for the one step
I'll stand by You wherever You stand.
Oh, may it be You'll see my admire...
Ashes there was, but now it is fire.
За один взгляд, за один жест
Я пройду Ад, сколько ни есть
:iconbirdcherryerica:BirdcherryErica 1 2
Confessions under starry nights.
Our chests pressed together
Our breaths become one.
Hearts beating at each other
Lips burning like the sun.
A desirous kiss
Amidst the mess
In that moment of bliss
My love I confess
Under thousand flakes of snow
Transcending from lights -
Auroras and halo
Moon beams and starry nights
Our love- constellations it pars
For it is - written in the stars.
:iconsrinath-ste-v:srinath-ste-v 7 3
Baby Seth
A pair of blue eyes slowly opened staring up at the ceiling of the bedroom. Currently resting on the king size bed he laid there as he sworn he could’ve heard something just now. Turning his head he looker over at his wife laying next to him on her side clothed in a pink nightgown to match his blue silk pajamas he wore. He looked over at her and smiled at how peaceful she looked, so beautiful even in sleep. But he could tell that she was tired as she hadn’t gotten much sleep these past couple days.
He stayed awake and listened carefully.
After a few moments a familiar sound was heard. A small coughing sound, shortly afterwards a cry was heard and he knew the source of it.
He looked over and saw her turn over and began to raise up. Kaiba put a hand on his wife’s shoulder stopping her from doing so. She deserved a night of rest as she would be up late into the night. He would deal with this…
“I got him…” He told her stopping her from raising up
:iconsaiyanwarrior002:SaiyanWarrior002 12 1
Tall, Dark and Scary (Chapter 2)
I sat up in my bed and looked at the door. My once steady heartbeat was now running its own personal marathon and my stomach seemed to be enjoying its own rollercoaster with all the loops and twists you can imagine. As I stood to answer the knock, I couldn’t get my hand to stop shaking. I slowly opened the door and there he was sitting on the ground across the hall.
I’m pretty sure there’s a limit to how much the heart can just stop beating but I don’t seem to have reached mine, despite all the surprises.
“L-lucien,” I choked out.
He looked up, his eyes pleading with me to allow him to come in or at least talk to him. I couldn’t risk being in a closed space with him so I closed my door and slid down the wall next to him, his eyes never leaving me. We sat in silence for a while, him staring at me and me fiddling with my thumbs. I didn’t know what was going through his head but I was hoping that this was all just a really bad nightmare.
:iconmonni18:monni18 4 8
Lelouch by ricochet997 Lelouch :iconricochet997:ricochet997 53 15 How to Draw CG Characters -2- by sherbertKISSES How to Draw CG Characters -2- :iconsherbertkisses:sherbertKISSES 144 19



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After four months of school, I am at last free to do whatever I feel like doing. Today is my favourite writer's birthday and I want to congratulate him, but... I am terrified. What am I supposed to write in that damn message? Oh, well, I'll make something up on the way.

I can't believe I'm going to have almost four weeks to clear my mind. Too much information is bad, almost unhealthy.

Having been given enough homework to deal with, some things will have to wait until summer. And some will have to be done in the next two months, before I turn 18. The need to have something to retell to my grandchildren is what drives me now. If memories are to be made, they should be worth remembering. After realising that I should not spend my youth without any fun at all, I've decided to be wild for a bit.


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There is nothing particularly important about me... I love to compete with my best friend who also has an account here. I write poems, short stories and my friend and I are currently working on a piece that should be rather good when it's done. I also have a blog, I post my diary entries there and poems every now and then. That's about it. Please, comment stories that I post here! Here's the link for my blog, so check it out :)


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